Service Agencies and Brokers

Welcome to the Passport Service Agencies and Brokers page. Find useful information and tips about the role of service agencies and brokers, as well as get answers to frequently asked questions.

Responsibilities as a Service Agency or Broker

Before you make a purchase or submit a claim

  • Ensure that purchases align with the goals and principles of the Passport program
  • Work with the Passport recipient and Person Managing Funds (PMF) to select services and supports that meet the needs and goals of the recipient, and ensure that all necessary paperwork is completed and submitted to the local Passport agency
  • Agree on fees and/or work schedules for the hired services and supports with the Passport recipient and Person Managing Funds (PMF)
  • Submit claims on a regular basis (monthly) with all required supporting documentation
  • Keep all financial records for auditing purposes
  • Support workers must be registered with the local Passport Agency prior to submitting claims

For more information, please watch How Passport Funding Works.

How To Submit Claims

The recipient's Passport Service Agreement and related forms must be completed and returned to the local Passport agency before a Service Agency or Broker can submit any claims on behalf of the recipient.

Visit the Resources page for a list of helpful videos.

If you are submitting invoices on behalf of a Passport recipient, it is recommended that you Submit through MyDirectPlan (MDP) for faster reimbursement.

About MyDirectPlan

MyDirectPlan (MDP) is now available for Brokers and Private Service Agencies to electronically submit Passport expenses for faster reimbursements.

MDP allows you to:

  • Get reimbursed faster
  • Manage all Passport recipients through one business account
  • Track the real-time status of submitted invoices for each Passport recipient
  • Keep track of remaining Passport funds*

Learn more about MyDirectPlan (MDP) for Brokers and Private Service Agencies.

Need support? Contact

* For the most current Passport funds balance, please contact your local Passport Agency.


Need a form to submit on behalf of a recipient?

You can download forms directly here:

Need help completing forms? Watch these step-by-step videos:

Can’t submit invoices electronically? Contact the local Passport agency to discuss options: Find my local Passport Agency.

Tips and Resources

How to avoid reimbursement delays

Ensure expenses are admissible under the Passport Program guidelines.

Ensure forms are completed fully and accurately. For step-by-step instructions and useful tips to complete the claim form, watch How to Submit a Passport Claim form.

Preventing Misuse

Passport funding can only be used to access services and support for the recipient and/or provide respite to the caregiver. For more information, please see "Misuse of Funds" in the Passport Program Guidelines.

Only the actual hours of support provided and related expenses with receipts can be included in the PassportONE invoice.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Person Managing Funds (PMF) must sign the invoice. If needed, please contact your local Passport agency to discuss other options.

Some eligible expenses have maximum reimbursement amounts. These include live event tickets, administration fees, person-directed planning, Community Participation Support supplies and equipment, and technology. For an overview please see “What can I use funding for?” on the I have Passport funding tab of the website or review the Passport Program guidelines for more information.

Each fiscal year begins on April 1st and ends on March 31st of the following year.

No, the notification form does not need to be completed each fiscal year. The amount of funding per fiscal year that the recipient wants allocated to the Service Agency or Broker, will continue each fiscal year until the Passport Agency is notified that there is a change to the funding amount or there is no longer a relationship between the Service Agency/Broker and recipient.

Only detailed receipts are accepted. These receipts must include the date, vendor information, service(s), and/or item(s) purchased and total cost. Please contact the local Passport agency for further information.

Contact the local Passport Agency

PassportONE is an administrative body that processes all claim submissions and reimburses admissible expenses. The local Passport agency provides information and support to help recipients access Passport funding and answer any questions. The local Passport agency is your primary point of contact and can provide you with information and support about the program and admissible expenses. As well, all of the recipient forms (e.g. support worker information, notification, payee form) must be submitted to the local Passport agency.

Refer to page one (1) of the recipient's Service Agreement for the start date of funding. For further support, contact your local Passport agency: Find my local Passport Agency.