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What is MyDirectPlan

MyDirectPlan (MDP) is an electronic method to submit Passport and SSAH expenses. Users have access to tools that allow them to track the status of their expenses and view their total and remaining funds. You can also invite support workers to join so they can electronically approve the expenses you created within MyDirectPlan. You can access MDP on any device: computer/laptop or via smartphone and tablet. We even have a mobile app (optional).

You can use MDP if you are self-managing your funding. It is now also available to all Private Service Agencies and Brokers. Please visit www.mydirectplan.com to get started.

MyDirectPlan Resources

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MyDirectPlan self-help guides

Computer/Laptop: How to set up your MyDirectPlan account - Passport funding

Smartphone/Tablet: How to Use the MyDirectPlan Mobile App

How to Submit your Passport Invoices