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Family Service Toronto

Serving: Toronto


202-128A Sterling Road, Toronto, Ontario, M6R 2B7

Monday to Friday

9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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Family Service Toronto

About Family Service Toronto

For over 100 years, Family Service Toronto (FST) has been helping people who are confronted with a variety of life challenges. We assist individuals and families through our counselling, community engagement and public education programs, and advocacy work

Our services are available to everyone who lives or works in Toronto.


We envision a city in which people are resilient and thriving in more just and supportive communities.


We work with individuals, families and communities destabilized by precarious mental health and/or socioeconomic circumstances, to achieve greater resilience, stability and equity.

We achieve this through our understanding of poverty and the harmful effects of marginalization, discrimination and oppression. We direct our energies to support individuals and families in our core service areas – community counselling and mental health, gender-based violence and developmental disabilities. At the same time, we work to influence policy, build knowledge, strengthen communities and advocate for system change.


We are committed to:
  • grounding our work in the lived expertise of people and the community
  • working from a strengths-based and trauma-informed approach
  • celebrating diversity, pursuing equity and practicing inclusion
  • being accountable through measurement and outcome reporting
  • striving for excellence in all that we do
Our definition of family:

Our name begins with “family” and we understand it to mean: Two or more people, whether living together or apart, related by blood, marriage, adoption or commitment to care for one another.

We know we are successful when:
  • people live with dignity in thriving neighbourhoods and inclusive communities which are free of poverty and violence
  • public policy is grounded in social and economic justice
  • programs and services are accessible to those who face barriers
  • people build on their skills to manage life challenges
  • people are able to realize their potential